African Cures

Long before the discovery of modern medicines, our ancestors made use of what nature provided to treat various ailments. However, it is said that history repeats itself, and today publications worldwide are flooded with advertisements for natural remedies as there is a growing demand for such products.

South African-based company African Cures is the sole manufacturer of Prosit, a natural detoxifier and anti-oxidant.  Prosit is an all-natural product made from a blend of SA Cape Karoo Aloe and natural herbs including Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Liquorice and Ginger.

Aloe is sourced from our own farm as well as surrounding farms in the Karoo region within the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The leaves are the only part to be harvested. Aloe leaves are harvested in the wild using traditional methods and their sap is then processed further to create the Prosit product.

The specific combination and concentration of ingredients found within Prosit make it a highly effective detoxifier and anti-oxidant with physiological healing effects. There are also no known side-effects of long-term use. It should however be stressed that natural products such as Prosit are not supposed to replace any medicine prescribed by a doctor but should rather be used to compliment it.

Prosit is available at all leading pharmacies, health shops and wholesalers throughout South Africa.

African Cures also manufactures Protick, an Aloe Ferox supplement used primarily for the regulation of ticks and parasites in game wildlife and livestock. Protick can be ordered directly from us or purchased from your nearest BKB or Co-op store.

African Cures is committed to preserving nature’s precious resources and all plants and herbs are harvested in an ethical manner to ensure their continual conservation. Safety, health and hygiene are also of paramount importance to us, and all products are manufactured in our ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility.