“I am very impressed with Prosit, although I was very sceptical about it at first, I had my cholesterol tested in July and it was 5,25mol. (high risk). After taking a single tablet per day for just under 3 months, I had it tested again and it was 4,18 mol., a significant drop.

I used to suffer from severe gout attacks, but since taking Prosit I have not experience a single attack. My blood/sugar levels are normal. I will keep on taking it and recommend it to all I know”.

Charles Tregoning
Port Elizabeth

“Let me place on record my success stories with the use of your product ”PROSIT”.  Three years ago at the age of 52, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and after surgery, I was subscribed HRT and along came all the side effects, the worst of which were the “hot flushes”.  I had a high threshold for pain and discomfort but these I found difficult to cope with.  I was introduced to “PROSIT capsules”. Within a matter of days I was FREE - no more hot flushes.  I also realised that other areas of discomfort, attributed to the use of HRT, had also disappeared.  I immediately discontinued using HRT.  At the time I had also been suffering of severe pain in my fingers.  The dreaded anthritis had reared its ugly head.  PROSIT also took care of this problem, and now months go by without any pain.  The moment I feel the problem resurfacing I take “PROSIT” and within a short while all signs of arthritis are gone.  Just recently I was burned rather badly when a pressure cooker lid “popped” when opening.  I tried all sorts of remedies/medication for relief and healing, then in desperation broke open a “PROSIT”capsule and made a paste using petroleum jelly and the contents, and was amazed at the overnight improvement.  No more burning and itching of the wound. I continued using this paste, and the scars have reduced dramatically and are no longer unsightly.  (I can can supply before and after photographs).
L Phillip before photo  L Phillip after photo
Last week the pressures of business was beginning to weight me down and I was suffering with dizziness and nausea.  “ PROSIT” did the trick!  I can highly endorse this product and will never be without it.  Thank you for putting “PROSIT” on the market”

Mrs. L. Phillip
Port Elizabeth

“I just want to say a few things about Prosit.
For about three years I have had a bacterium in my blood stream. My red blood cells are too weak to fight against the white . Small bumps like bee stings appear on the skin of my hands (last time they were on my toes on the side of my ankles). It takes a day to look monstrous. Believe me, doctors, specialist and pharmacists are frightened when they see it. Sometimes it looks like lepers of long ago. A skin specialist told me that he has never seen anything like it. Believe me, only God knows what I have been going through. It takes about a week to form a callous and it takes a month to come to its full monstrosity. It is so painful. There is absolutely no dirty pus inside, it is hollow and pitch black all round. It is usually appears on my finger joint and is as big as a R1-piece. There is not one antibiotic on the market that I haven’t tried. I’ve been tested for diabetes, but I am normal. My cleaners and my bandages cost a lot. Every time I try new cream it takes just one day before it swells up again. Believe me, I feel it. Then a bit of raw garlic helps but I scream from pain. I’ve been using Prosit for the past six months, and I thank the Lord. I’ve never had on of these ugly things again. It comes out but doesn’t go very far. I would appreciate it if you could give me some more wonderful advice. Thank you very much for this wonderful cure”.

Wilsie Botha

"Maureen Marchard was disheartened because of all her problems. Arthritis, acne, eczema and constipation hampered the quality of her life. One day in despondency she bought a new product and her life changed completely.” Prosit solved my problems. I even have more energy and the tiredness is gone.”
‘I have been suffering from arthritis for several years and I have tries various renowned remedies without any noteworthy results. When I tried a remedy similar to Prosit I found a measure of relief. I have bleeding piles, however, and I found that the bleeding worsened when I used this particular remedy.
Yet, since using Prosit, the pain has decreased greatly, I don’t really have a bleeding problem anymore, my joints are no longer stiff, and I am walking with much greater ease than before. After using Prosit for about a month, I feel much healthier. In the beginning I took Prosit every day, but at the moment I only use it every third day. Please convey my thanks to the manufacturers.
I can truly recommend Prosit to anyone suffering from arthritis.”

A. Burger

"I am a retired bank lady, and have been a widowed for many years. My daughter introduced me to Prosit in the capsule form, due to the fact I was always feeling listless during the day. I also had Lumbago periodically. My thanks go to African Cures for helping me overcome my problems. I feel rejuvenated and my social activity, viz: Bowls, dancing, etc., has returned with a zest that I have not experienced in many years. My age (which I shouldn’t give) is 69, turning 70 next month. There is hope, thanks to your wonderful product - ‘Prosit’."

Mrs. Dawn Slater

"Hereby I would like to thank you for this wonderful drink called ‘Prosit’. I am a 85 year old lady and have been taking this product for some time now to keep my blood pressure and sugar levels sable. Since I have been using this drink I am a different person. I always make sure that I keep a spare bottle of ‘prosit Alcohol Free’ in my house. Keep it up, Prosit is tops."

Mrs S.M Meiring
Cotswold PE

"After years of struggling with a chronic colon problem and a constant pain on my left side, there was was no natural remedy that would come to my rescue until I discovered Prosit capsules.
My skin colour, nails and hair started looking much better as Prosit detoxed me and drove all the impurities out of my colon. Prosit was the answer to a more natural lifestyle for me!"

Mrs. V. van Rensburg

“I find that Prosit (which I first tried to help me with gasiritus and diverticalitus) has helped me with so many other complaints, such as dizziness, post nasal drip of which the latter is something I can’t afford as a singer!

Swelling in my fingers as well as stiffness as I have arthritis is no more a threat as Prosit puts a stop to it. I find it also to be a wonderful cleanser of the bowel.”

Margaret Nefdt